Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Note that this blog now lets you listen to posts by - you guessed it? - clicking on the button above that says "Listen now." Although I much prefer the British snob Charles who does the reading for Read the Words, that service does not - as far as I can see - integrate with blogger.com the way Odiogo does; not only does Odiogo automatically generate an audio file for each blogger.com post, it also offers a podcast feed of the posts! Awesome!  What I need to figure out now is how I can get knowbodies.blogspot.com to automatically dial Telemegaphone (see post below) and broadcast posts (known, of course, as podiocasts) through the Dale valley. Is it unrealistic to expect some sort of award or medal from the mayor of Dale? If you do not have a blog, but would just like to give enliven your browsing experience with sound, both Read the Words and Clickspeak offer Firefox extensions that convert text selected on websites to speech. Services like these are of obvious use to the sight-impaired, or to multitasker who like to listen while doing something else. But I also find this useful for copy editing, and catching errors that have a tendency to tip-toe past on the silent screen.

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