Saturday, March 22, 2008

Read the Words

What an amazing service this is, and hours and hours of fun! Just type or paste in a text, and reads them back to you. You can choose from a selection of readers - male or female, English (UK or US accents), Spanish or French. There's even Nina, a U.S. female with an Indian accent! You can submit the name/url of a website, pdf or word document for reading, and you can embed the readings on your blog or website. This makes it very easy to provide audio of texts on your website for visitors with reading disabilities. The readings are perfectly intelligible, albeit with an unmistakable non-human lilt that is merely charming. For the endorsement of knowbodies in the sample below, I chose the insufferable British snob Charles.
(if the audio plays back at very high "chipmunk" frequency, you need to download the newest vision of Flash Player)

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