Monday, March 17, 2008

Clapton's nightmare

Many people daydream about suddenly being able to play guitar like Eric Clapton, and Clapton perhaps has nightmares about suddenly being (un)able to play guitar like Santeri Ojala in this overdub of a Clapton performance. Besides being hilarious, this makes one think - not only about what can be done to a reputation with a little bit of technical cleverness, but also about the emperor's new clothes; how would the audience respond if Clapton really started playing like that..? (Ravi Shankar is reported to have remarked to an appreciative audience, "if you liked the tuning that much, you'll love the music")

p.s - here's another one, this one of Clapton and Santana going bonkers
Seems to be a new genre, called "shred"
for comparison, here's the original...

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