Tuesday, August 19, 2008


NewsCred, in its own words, "is a digital newspaper that will give you all the world's credible news in one place. We aggregrate news from hundreds of mainstream media sources, as well as established blogs, and let our users personalize their digital newspaper within seconds, without any fuss. Our community votes on the crediblity of articles, authors and news sources, and we apply our CredRank algorithms to ensure you only get the highest quality news from the sources you love."  NewsCred says it differs fundamentally from social ranking sites like Digg, because NewsCred selects quality, while Digg et al present popularity.  Anyone wary of the "buzz begets buzz"  mechanism that, regrettably, is so important in determining what reaches us as news, will appreciate that distinction; it is discussed in the short article Buzz and NewsCred: two different takes on social news at the Ars Technica blog. For added credibility, NewsCred sports a look that is very similar to the New York Times.

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