Friday, August 29, 2008


Factbites bills itself as a search engine more interested in content analysis than link popularity. It displays meaningful, relevant sentences from sites in the search results. This, according to Factbite's "why use us" page, "means that you can often gain a great deal of factual information on a topic without ever having to leave the search page! When users do select a page, they can have much more confidence that the page deals directly and informatively with their topic. Factbites searches for matches on the basis of your whole topic area, not just your keyword. This means that it can return relevant, informative results on your topic that don't necessarily mention the word you searched for! The Factbites engine focuses on finding genuine, meaningful content. This makes it very good at filtering out spam sites. If the page doesn't have anything of substance to tell you, it won't rank well in a Factbites search."
I look forward to trying this out, and am eagerly awaiting some good reference questions; a few make-believe searches yielded some interesting results.

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