Friday, February 13, 2009

Show us the data

Speaking of all those CRS reports, the Sunshine Foundation sponsors "Show us the data",
This - lifted from the site - is what its all about:

Show Us the Data: Most Wanted Government Documents is collecting examples of government documents and data that are unclassified and should be easily available to the public online, but are not. Show Us the Data is a collaboration between and the Center for Democracy and Technology. We hope to encourage open government and citizen participation in democracy through full disclosure of unclassified government documents in open, interoperable formats.
This is the third Most Wanted survey, and previous projects (in 1999 and 2004) were highly successful both in bringing attention to the issue, as well as encouraging federal entities to put information online. Many of the documents in previous Most Wanted surveys have been ‘captured’ and are now available online.
This year project is being expanded, with the help of the Sunlight Foundation. We are soliciting suggestions from the public, and allowing you to vote on which documents you think should be on a Most Wanted list this time around. The timing of the project is particularly important in lieu of the recent memorandum President Obama released to the Federal Government. The website will be active for collecting votes and document suggestions through March 9th and will be followed up by a report during Sunlight Week. The report will be distributed to press and relevant government agencies.
For additional information on the project, please contact or call 202-637-9800.

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