Sunday, February 8, 2009

Phil Bradley's I want to list

I've mentioned Phil Bradley's I want to list before, but it merits regular reminders. I've also mentioned sheepishly that many of the tools I blog about here come to my attention not through actual need, but through a contrived need - a desperate, contrived, 24/7 need to find things to blog about. Stephen Levy has written about the guilt of not contributing in The Burden of Twitter, but his guilt is of a relatively simple kind, of not holding up his end of the bargain: "I worry that I'm snatching morsels from the information food bank without making any donations." My angst is more existential,  all about having to validate my existence through contrived and unnecessary communication...why aren't other web2.0 people struggling with these issues?  Anyway, getting back to Bradley's list, which is so refreshingly NOT-2.0 because it addresses REAL NEEDS: "I want to..." or "I need to" or "How do I?" These are all questions we all ask all the time. This is a small collection of resources that will help to answer those questions."  Not so small anymore, with more than 1000 applications to meet your actual needs!
Darn, what should I blog about???


  1. Thanks very much for the kind words - I'm glad that the page is helpful for you. You might also want to subscribe to the accompanying weblog at which I try to update on a regular basis.

  2. Yes thanks...been following that one too, it's included in my "metagator"