Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Missing Chinese

One thing that is a constant source of mystery to me is why more people aren't visiting this site. Then, last night, it came to me, and I woke up with a start - the Chinese aren't getting through!!! That's 1.3 billion readers gone missing! To test my theory, I went to the really cool  Behind the Great Firewall of China test website and entered This is how it works:

To perform the 'Website Test behind the Great Firewall of China', the monitoring agent resolves the domain name from selected location in China, connects to the test website and downloads the complete HTML content. The test results display DNS lookup time, time to connect, time to download the first byte and time to download the complete HTML of the tested web site. The total response time shows how long it takes for your website to download. 

I performed tests for Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and there was no problem accessing from any of those citiies.  My missing readers must be elsewhere... 

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