Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wikidpedia free-for-all coming to an end?

The New York Times writes that Wikipedia may introduce a system of "flagged revisions" that would prevent anonymous unregistered users from publishing changes to the site pending approval by registered "reliable" users. The system been in place since May on the German Wikipedia, as a safeguard against the kind of vandalism that yesterday caused Wikipedia to report the deaths of Edward Kennedy and Even Bayh - for about 5 minutes.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales explains "Why I am asking flagged revisions to be turned on now" on his Wikipedia userpage. The debate about what this will do to the ethos of Wikipedia is on, with comments to the NYT article ranging from Long overdue, and will go a long way toward affirming wiki's legitimacy as a source for general information. to WIKIPEDIA NEEDS MISTAKES if it is to remain the vital document that it is today. Living things change, static dead things are perfect and immutable.”

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