Monday, January 12, 2009

Canine Algorithmic Transfer System again

(Attentive readers will know that resources of outstanding merit are sometimes reviewed more than once at Knowbodies. The Canine Algorithmic Tranfer System was last reviewed here in October, 2005)

In the popular series "tough reference questions", we return today to that question that has bedeviled reference librarians through the ages, "If I were a dog, what kind of dog would I be?" This causes some reference librarians to simply scratch their ears in befuddlement, while others know immediately what to do; direct the patron to the ingenious Canine Algorithmic Transfer System, and tell her/him to click on the link that says "game". Curiously, when I checked my canine identity back in 2005, I was pleased to learn that I was an Italian Spinone. I have great affection for Italy, and this week finally got around to signing up for Italian lessons. But today when I rechecked my identity, I had morphed into a Bloodhound. Troubled, I took the test one more time, and my most recent reincarnation is as a Bracco Italiano. That's plenty good for me!

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