Friday, January 16, 2009


Here's a regressive piece of technology if ever there was one, but then I'm one of those regressive people who still like to read on paper. And there must be more of us, since someone bothered to come up with Tabbloid, a really neat tool (no sign up or login required) that takes the RSS feeds you submit to it and fashions of them a handsome "tabloid" pdf, perfect for reading on the train. Not only that, it will create a new paper for you at whatever time  you specify, and deliver it to your email address!  Ah, yes, the folks behind Tabbloid are Hewlett Packard....of printer fame. Perhaps there's a connection, but if you're going to print out stuff anyway, this is sure a great way to do it!  You can get just about any information you need via RSS these days, and its easy to imagine what a powerful pdf handout you can make by pulling from the sources that interest you. Until reading on paper is altogether a thing of the past, an application like tabbloid will be giving the already hard-pressed newspaper business a run for its money!

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