Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Google launches judgemental search engine

NewsBiscuit: the news before it happens (the UK's Onion?) has this uplifting piece on Google's new judgemental search engine. One often hears people say that "Library catalogs (and librarians) should be more like Google." I beg to differ, and have always felt that Google should be more like librarians - like librarians should be, that is. Now, at long last,  the Great search engine seems to be coming round to my point of view..."Rather than instantly offering a comprehensive list of the most popular websites and images related to the keywords, the new version will offer its opinion on the subject of the enquiry and if it finds the request to be intellectually vacuous, will steer the user clear of the original search altogether."

Thanks to the Annoyed Librarian for the heads up...her thoughts on this new development and its implications for our profession are worth reading.

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