Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Public television to give Americans more news about furners

The European Journalism Centre reports that a new nightly public television newscast seeks to redress what its producer says is a regrettable lack of foreign news on television in the United States. Here is how World Focus describes itself:

"Worldfocus responds to the mainstream media’s diminished coverage of international news. All the major networks have closed foreign bureaus and cut resources for international news coverage, which amounted to just 8 percent of all American news coverage last year.

By partnering with international news organizations, Worldfocus fills the void in international news coverage and informs American viewers about the relevance of international events. The nightly news program and Web site report on events from around the world and cover the stories that don’t always make the headlines.

We approach news in a way that combines the editorial integrity of public television and traditional media with the diverse perspectives of journalists, bloggers and local citizens. Extending our reach beyond that of the traditional newsroom, Worldfocus compiles a broad range of voices from around the world — from the European economics professor to the El Salvadoran shopkeeper blogging about his daily business.

Our goal at Worldfocus is to localize international events for an American audience — making foreign news less foreign."

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