Thursday, October 2, 2008

Google in quotes feature

With Google's  in quotes feature you can read what a selection of notables have said on a particular topic;  either enter a search term of your own (e.g. "knowbodies"), or choose from the predefined "popular issues". Although the selection of notables is currently quite limited, it does include the two presidential candidates; a quick and dirty way to compare their recent statements on assorted topics.

from the "about" information:

The "In Quotes" feature allows you to find quotes from stories linked to from Google News. These quotations are a valuable resource for understanding where people in the news stand on various issues. Much of the published reporting about people is based on the interpretation of a journalist. Direct quotes, on the other hand, are concrete units of information that describe how newsmakers represent themselves. Google News compiles these quotations from online news stories and sorts them into browsable groups based on who is being quoted. Similar to article selection and placement on Google News, quotes and their speakers are determined automatically by a computer program and we don't guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information you may see. The dates you see represent when the article in which the quote appears was added to Google News. The views expressed in the quotes do not necessarily reflect the views of Google Inc. or its employees.

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