Friday, October 24, 2008

Early Word

Early Word seeks to "to bring together the best thinking on the art of selecting books for public libraries. By giving readers what they want, when they want it, we believe libraries can increase their circulation and their support."

I don't think giving patrons what they want when they want it should be the overriding objective of a public library or any other public institution, but when that is the task at hand Early Bird is a very helpful resource.

The market is a formidable force, and Early Bird feels libraries should cultivate it more actively (the site's slogan is "The Publisher/Librarian Connection"):
We are also working to forge a more direct connection between publishers and librarians. Libraries represent approximately 10% of the overall book market, but, since libraries buy through wholesalers, no sales force calls on them. As a result, libraries miss valuable information on how publishers position titles and publishers do not get a sense of what libraries want.

My peevish reservations aside, this site has lots of news and information about books and the publishing industry that will be of interest to librarians and booklovers.

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