Monday, September 28, 2009

In-page anchors on Google search results pages and (once again) CiteBite

Google has introduced some features on its search-result preview pages that take you directly  to the section of a page that contains the information you're (presumably) looking for. See examples at the Google blog.  The feature doesn't seem to be very well-developed yet, but it's a useful function...and one that has been available for several years (first reviewed here in 2/2007) to users of  CiteBite, a terrific tool that let's you add in-page precision to your own web referrals. For example, if you wanted to direct someone directly to Mark Twain's words regarding the opening of telegraph communications between Maine and San Francisco, which is at the very end of 1991 Vartan Gregorian speech, you could simply give them this link and take them directly to that part of the page. CiteBite also offers a bookmarklet or, if you're a Firefox user, an extension that enables you to generate a CiteBite link by highlighting and selecting CiteBite from the right-click menu. Very useful!

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