Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Artwiculate generates a word a day (much like Merriam Webster, OED, Wordsmith, and other such services), but then challenges you to use the word in a Tweet.  To take part in the game, "just use today’s word in context in one of your tweets. That’s it. Your tweet will appear here where people can tell you if they like it. You’ll get points if they like it or retweet it."  Today's (September 22) word is mellifluous. I tweeted "Ah, Belli White, such mellifluous singo, said Mitsuko." At the end of the day (11 hours to go), I expect that line should be at the top of the list.

Update: my entry got 19 points. The winning entry "Latin derivations are inherently mellifluous to the ear of the linguist, but to the tone deaf, it's all Greek." got 440 points. If at first you don't succeed etc.

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