Monday, July 6, 2009

Writing about reading 3

Nobody covers more ground in the liblog landscape than Walt Crawford, who offers a new survey of current writing about reading in Cites & Insights 9 (Writing about Reading 3)! This time he leads with a declaration of his beliefs and biases on the issue (first among them "I do not believe print books and the long narrative form are endangered—not by aliteracy, not by attention deficit preference, certainly not by ebooks."), and moves on to a discussion of ebooks and ebook readers. This issue of Cites and Insights also revisits the Library 2.0 discussion, and a memorable (from September 2007) quote from the Gather No Dust blog - The difference between library services provided with current tools (like strategic planning) and ones that provide services in a 2.0 type model is the difference between benevolent despotism and a democracy. I still  think there is a place for benevolent despotism within a democracy...

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  1. Thanks for the note--and I'm not sure I'd disagree (with your final comment). There's clearly room for librarians to take action, not just react to patron desires.