Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"some days you make me clutch my head like a clubbed salmon"

The Annoyed Librarian is sure hard to figure out! I confess I'm frequently amused by her snarky cleverness, but I also admire the moral probity (she'll be cackling now) that fuels her impatience with the "twopointopians" who sacrifice lofty aims of librarianship to the latest whim of the public (she'd ridicule the very notion of "lofty aims of librarianship," but she sure knows what they ain't!) Today's contribution, however, comes from a person who also seems to ridicule the very notion of ethics and's just "intellectually lazy trollbait," as someone put it more succinctly than I ever could. Funny too how AL embodies all the worst qualities of web2.0 - the longest threads of idiotic, anonymous, "piling on" commentary you'll find anywhere in the library blogosphere (actually, some of the comments reacting - indignantly - to today's post were excellent...particularly "More Annoyed Than Thou" who had to clutch her head like a clubbed salmon.) But of course the joke is on us...

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