Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goodwill toward mankind

This blog is primarily devoted to library matters, and days and even weeks go by without mention of urinals. Librarians are curious about many things, however, and I thought these two patents might be of interest here - at least to my male readers. They will know the feeling of thoughtful contentedness - or mindless joy, if one has imbibed - that descends upon the swaying urinator, staring happily down at the porcelain. Often the situation involves a feeling of intense goodwill toward mankind; these ingenious devices will encourage that feeling, and I salute their inventors. 
A forehead support apparatus for resting a standing users forehead against a wall above a bathroom commode or urinal or beneath a showerhead. The apparatus includes a mounting member adapted for attachment to an upright bathroom wall either above the commode or urinal or below the showerhead. A compressible head support member is attached to and extends from the wall and said mounting member. The head support defines an elastically deformable or resilient forehead support surface which is spaced above the floor and from the wall a distance sufficient for the user to lean his forehead thereagainst and be supported while using the commode or urinal.

An amusement device for a toilet bowl or a urinal comprising a urine detector for detecting a urine flow from a human and for providing an electrical signal for activating a sensory stimulus device. A control unit connected to the urine detector converts the electrical signal to a signal for activating the appropriate indicator. In one embodiment of the invention, a plurality of pressure and temperature sensors are imbedded in a plastic base which is disposed in close proximity to the urinal or toilet bowl drain. Disposed alongside each temperature and pressure sensor is an associated LED lamp or buzzer which is activated by that sensor. The device may be connected to a video screen or a speaker disposed above the urinal for providing additional audial and visual stimulation to the user. In another embodiment, a plastic base is disposed entirely within the toilet bowl or urinal in close proximity to the toilet or urinal drain. A plurality of supports extend upward from the base and... .(Source)

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