Monday, November 10, 2008


Just a day after looking for and finding the preview tool CoolPreviews, I was perusing TechBlorge's list of Top 40 Firefox plugins  (lots of interesting stuff there) and found InterClue, another Firefox addon that provides preview information of the site. Unlike CoolPreviews, which preserves the look and feel of the blog and essentially replicates it  in a pop-up window, InterClue displays the page in a standard format that puts a thumbnail in the upper right hand corner, various statistics about the site in the lower right, and the blog's postings in the left half of the pane. Both previews feature live links, a scrollable window, and the option of emailing a page or link without leaving the window. This is how CoolPreview and InterClue, respectively, display a preview of a link to Knowbodies (had to search high and low on the internet to find such a link, sniff.) InterClue refuses to display https sites, which do not seem to stop CoolPreviews.

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  1. And the question is: which one is better? :)

    I've been using coolpreviews for a while, but it is getting more and more bloated with each update, so I was looking for an alternative. However interclue shows modified page, which is not good, I need a preview of the exact page, exactly as it would look in a normal window.