Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Librarian's Nosegay

Thanks Laura for the tip about Shifted Librarian's post on keeping up when you don't have time. There's already an rss feed from Shifted Librarian over on the left, but I've also now made a composite RSS feed from some of the other sites the Shifted Librarian recommends, plus another favorite, Phil Bradley's blog I've dubbed this redolent little bouquet the Librarian's Nosegay, and you'll find it among the others in the column of RSS feeds (you have to scroll quite a ways down, but that's because there's so much good stuff there!). In addition to Phil's blog, Librarian's Nosegay retrieves rss from Librarian in Black, Library Garden, Library Link of the Day, and Tame the Web. If you'd like to subscribe to the Librarian's Nosegay rss feed with your favorite feedreader or rss enabled browser rather than check it here during hourly visits to ircworld, use the url

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