Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Advertising Democracy

In the 12 minute film "Selling America" at the PBS POV (Point of View) American ID website, Gregory Warner "charts a brief history of efforts to advertise democracy — then and now." The main focus of the film - of course - is the USIA library program, and its evolution from early days through the current administration. Very interesting and concise presentation - and a good primer for that question libaries, ircs, or whatever we now call ourselves need to be asking - how do we remain relevant? The film includes an interview with Donald Hausrath, for those who might remember him, and the webpage also includes an 8 minute mpg with former USIA librarian Aggie Kuperman (picture) talking about "the USIA Library program... one of the most ambitious efforts at cultural diplomacy that America ever attempted." The American ID website is an impressive presentation of public diplomacy history and issues....check out subsections...

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