Thursday, July 18, 2013

Terry Eagleton, clown

Dwight Garner and Carlin Romano say all that needs to be said about Terry Eagleton's laboriously witty "Across the pond - an Englishman's View of America."  One of many groanworthy examples:

“The British use the rather beautiful word ‘children’ far more often than Americans do, who tend to prefer the ugly, demeaning monosyllable ‘kids.’ It is surprising that a nation so scrupulous about political correctness should be content to regard its offspring as small smelly goats. Perhaps portraits of the Virgin Mary with the child Jesus should be renamed ‘Madonna and Kid.’ Clinics could specialize in kid psychology. Wordsworth’s line ‘The Child is Father of the Man’ could be rewritten as ‘The Kid is Old Man of the Guy.’”

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