Friday, March 19, 2010

Dictator chic

From Vanity Fair:
Since completing his transition from international pariah to statesman, Colonel Muammar Qaddafi—the longest-serving leader in both Africa and the Arab world—has brought color and his own eccentric panache to the drab circuit of international summits and conferences. Drawing upon the influences of Lacroix, Liberace, Phil Spector (for hair), Snoopy, and Idi Amin, Libya’s leader—now in his 60s—is simply the most unabashed dresser on the world stage. We pay homage to a sartorial genius of our time.

Wow - looking at these pictures makes me wonder what a good looking guy like Obama could do with a little fashion savvy!
Qaddafi’s cocktail ensemble at the summit—an embroidered kufi and an extraordinary combination of patterns and textures that seem to prompt U.S. president Barack Obama to move rapidly out of frame. By Greenfield/Sipa.


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