Monday, January 11, 2010

Nicholson Baker's curiosity

I try to link to everything by or about Nicholson Baker, including his recent reviewof Auletta's book about Google and this fine verbiage from Snarkmarket that sums up what makes Baker great; it's that big ol' curiosity.

"And it’s notable because so many of the spot-on assessments of new media, cul­ture and technology have come, lately, from Nicholson Baker. Nicholson Baker on Wikipedia. Nicholson Baker on the Kindle. He’s neither a booster nor a troll; he seems to approach it all with curiosity—the curiosity of an actual user, no small thing—and amusement. And he’s always surprising. This is Nicholson Baker, the guy who wrote about “the assault on paper.” And he’s “fond of Google”? Why, sure. He’s a thinker, not a pundit; a working brain, not a billboard hawking the same idea, over and over."

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