Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gadzooks! Vooks! So long text!

Just as some of us were finally reconciling ourselves to the idea of ebooks, along come vooks! How could one not see them coming? The debate about -and resistance to - ebooks has pretty much been about their capacity to render linear text, with enthusiasts persuasively pointing out that they can not only do that but many other things we like to do with text as well - index, annotate, share, update, etc. But how quaint and cloistered that discussion now seems, given that human nature will surely not settle for text when it can have multimedia...will it? Vooks are currently a hybrid of text and video - one commenter at Amazon said the videos “add to the [book] experience in a big way.” Yeah right, in the same way that video added in a big way to silent movie captions...

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