Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nice words, adopt them!

This morning I was reading Bruce Bawer's tribute to poet Tom Disch.  As an example of  Disch's way with words,  Bawer cites his characterization of  Elizabeth Hardwick, the last surviving member of a group of mid-century New York intellectuals, as the "tontine winner."  Had to look that one up, but I agree, very nice! Then - in an embarrassment of riches for a Tuesday - my colleague pointed me to "Save the Words"  As you may know, when words fall into desuetude, they also fall out of the dictionary.  Lexicographers need room for new words and are all to happy to get rid of old ones....just like librarians and their books. Save the words urges you to "adopt" words in effort to save them from oblivion,  and provides advice on how you  can help spread  the word(s)  For hours of good clean fun!

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