Friday, June 29, 2007

Google translate

Here's something to supplement last month's post about Google translation services; provides some nifty translation buttons that you can install on your toolbar. If you're working in one of the major languages (not Norwegian), this can come in handy. Eg. if you slide the "English to Russian" button to your toolbar, highlighting a word and pressing the button returns a translation into the specified language. The "Russian to English" button does the opposite. There are currently buttons for:

Arabic to English
Chinese to English
Chinese (Simplified to Traditional)
Chinese (Traditional to Simplified)
English to Arabic
English to Chinese (Simplified)
English to Chinese (Traditional)
English to French
English to German
English to Italian
English to Japanese
English to Korean
English to Portuguese
English to Russian
English to Spanish
French to English
French to German
German to English
German to French
Italian to English
Japanese to English
Korean to English
Portuguese to English
Russian to English
Spanish to English

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