Wednesday, August 24, 2005

When Is Not Enough

For book reviews and a lot more about the book and publishing world, try some of these sites: is a spiffy array of book tools and includes a precision search engine to extract titles from a treasure chest that cross matches books by plot, era, character, and even mood.

Dead Trees Review is the work of a single reviewer who reads voraciously and writes solid, short reviews.

The Book Report Network pulls together,, and others -- all sites where there are reviews and other interesting book features. adds author interviews to the mix of reviews. covers the territory for authors of African heritage.

And if you never have visited the sites of the New York Review of Books ( or the New York Times Book Review ( then skip your coffee break and go there today. The wonder pen-and-ink sketches of David Levine are there for the asking and the NY Times archive goes back to 1997.

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