Monday, November 29, 2004

ADSURLS 17, FY 2005

Afghanistan: From Presidential to Parliamentary Elections. [Asia Report No. 88] November 23, 2004. Executive Summary: [Dari version, html format, 5 printed pages]Item# 05AD156 MPP Theme: 12EL

Geo: Asia

Afghanistan Opium Survey 2004. November 2004. [pdf format, 125 pages]Item# 05AD163 MPP Theme: 09 Geo: Asia

Braille Literacy: Resources for Instruction, Writing Equipment, and Supplies. Web-posted November 23, 2004. [html format, 42 printed pages]Item# 05AD157 MPP Theme: 12ED Geo: Global

A Description of the Immigrant Population. November 23, 2004. [pdf format, 37 pages]Item# 05AD158 MPP Theme: 8A Geo: USA

Disability and Retirement: The Early Exit of Baby Boomers from the Labor Force. November 22, 2004. [pdf format, 28 pages]Item# 05AD159 MPP Theme: 5I Geo: USA

European Competitiveness Report 2004. Web-posted November 25, 2004. [pdf format, 359 pages]Item# 05AD155 MPP Theme: 4B Geo: Europe

How the Drug War in Afghanistan Undermines America's War on Terror. November 10, 2004. [pdf format, 8 pages]Item# 05AD161 MPP Theme: 9C; 11 Geo: Asia

International Trade in GMOs [Genetically Modified Organisms]: Legal Frameworks and Developing Country Concerns. November 8, 2004. [pdf format, 19 pages]Item# 05AD162 MPP Theme: 5O Geo: LDCs

Resuscitating the Bioweapons Ban: U.S. Industry Experts' Plans for Treaty Monitoring. November 2004. [pdf format, 114 pages]Item# 05AD164 MPP Theme: 2A; 1I Geo: Global

Trends in Educational Equity of Girls & Women: 2004. Web-posted November 19, 2004. [pdf format, 116 pages]Item# 05AD160 MPP Theme: 12ED; 12DIG Geo: USA

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