Friday, April 9, 2004

New Biographical Searches (Excerpted from

A & E Biography

This collection of biographies got not only a facelift but also a "brainlift," resulting in enhanced content and slightly better software that can finally perform full-text searches instead of just searching the name in the header of the biographic articles. It, however, still can't stop if there is no real match. For more details, see: P├ęter's Digital Reference Shelf - April 2004 .

------------------------------------------- (Ask Jeeves) Adds New "Smart Search" Feature: Famous People Search

The Smart Search program was introduced by last year. What's new? Jeeves has introduced a new box at the top of the results page containing direct links to "bios, pictures, news, products and links to official web sites" when you search for celebrities and newsmakers. A prefix is not needed to activate this feature; simply enter the name and click the Ask button. Biographical info comes from

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