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U.S. Elections 2004 - an electronic newsletter · January 22, 2004

Discover our Elections 2004 dossier

Looking for a one-stop gateway to non-partisan coverage of the 2004 U.S. elections?

Interested in articles, interviews, public opinion polls, and other information on the presidential primaries and caucuses, debates, conventions and campaign activities of the major presidential candidates?

Check out the resources of our new Elections 2004 dossier on www.uspolicy.be and learn about the How, the Who and the What of these elections.

New Items

A Look Ahead: The New Hampshire Primary (2004-01-21) Since 1920, the New Hampshire primary election has occupied a unique place in the presidential campaign as the first official primary in the country. Those candidates who do well in New Hampshire gain substantial momentum for their campaigns that helps them in later primaries and may carry them to eventual success in securing their party's nomination at the national convention. This year, the primary will be held on January 27. more

Kerry Wins Iowa Democratic Caucuses (2004-01-20) Massachusetts Senator John Kerry captured the first stage in the long race to determine the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee January 19 by winning 38 percent of the votes cast in the Iowa precinct caucuses. With this "Iowa bounce," Kerry has momentum going into the nation's first primary election, January 27 in New Hampshire.

Most political observers also note that North Carolina Senator John Edwards gained politically with his strong 32 percent of the vote in second place, and former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, the third-place finisher with 18 percent, lost momentum. more

Election Focus 2004

red arrowKerry Wins Iowa Democratic Caucuses; New Hampshire Primary Next  93K PDF, Jan. 21, 2004

This issue of Election Focus 2004, looks at the Iowa caucuses results; an overview of the New Hampshire primary; and a discussion on the role of foreign policy in the 2004 election by political analysts Andrew Kohut, Edward Rollins and Douglas E. Schoen.  more

red arrowAn Overview of the 2004 Presidential Race 1MB PDF, Jan. 14, 2004

In this first issue of Election Focus 2004, there is an overview of the 2004 presidential race; an interview with political analyst Charles Cook, giving his opinion on key aspects of the U.S. elections; candidate biographies and a calendar of primaries and caucuses more

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