Thursday, November 13, 2003

Useful election links from Gary Price

From Gary Price's Resource Shelf blog:

Elections--United States

Election 2004 Resource Compilation #1

Election Day 2004 in the United States is less than a year away so it's time to begin building a compilation of useful reference resources. ResourceShelf hopes that these sites/tools/guides will assist you in preparing your own compilations and/or bookmark files. Let's get started with the following 12 entries. Look for a few new entries each week.


1) Direct Links to Calendars and Schedules: 2004 Presidential Candidates


2) Combined Federal/State Disclosure And Election Directory

From the Federal Election Commission. "This Directory has been prepared as a guidebook to locate and identify organizations and individuals at the state and national level who have a responsibility to disclose information on money in politics."


3) 2004 Preliminary Presidential And Congressional Primary Dates-

4) Senate Election Law Guidebook

"The Guidebook compiles federal and state laws relating to the nomination and election of candidates to the United States Senate."


5) List of Websites: 34 Senators whose terms expire in 2005-

6) Established Vendors of Computerized Vote Tabulation Systems-


"This alphabetical list of acronyms, abbreviations, initials, and common names of federal political action committees (PACs) was prepared to help researchers readily identify committees when their full names are not disclosed on campaign finance reports."


8) New Contribution Limits

A handy chart from OpenSecrets.Org


9) Search Political Organization Tax Disclosures (IRS Form 527)


10) Presidential Job Approval Ratings (via the Roper Center)

Compiles approval ratings from 5 polls. Historical info available.


11) Fundrace 2004: Follow the Money

Two parts to this innovative site:

+ Candidate Rankings: "See who leads in grassroots support, who inspires the most devotion and who is backed by the fat cats."

+ Money Maps: "See which Americans are supporting each candidate (by state, county and zip code)."


12) The Use of IT in Politics...

Source: Linux Journal

Penguins for President?

"As we swing into the thick of the 2004 electoral playoffs, it's interesting to see what kinds of platforms are running under the candidates' official campaign websites. Netcraft has a handy feature called "What's that site running?" that lets us see combinations of Web servers and OS platforms. So here's a quick rundown...."

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